My name is Daryl Koopersmith and I am proposing a WYSIWYG theme generator and editor for WordPress. By the end of the GSoC, the theme editor would be capable of altering theme structure and the location of content within themes as well as importing and exporting themes. In addition, the editor would be constructed in such a way that it would be easily extendable and would continue to grow long past the end of the summer.

By drawing a theoretical line between structural and stylistic CSS, the theme editor could drastically rearrange a theme’s structure while leaving its visual aesthetic intact. This will allow users to easily change themes to serve their own purposes, whether it be a blog, a CMS, or another application.

The overarching goals of the WYSIWYG theme generator/editor are the following:

  • Provide an intuitive GUI through which anyone (regardless of skill level) could productively edit WordPress themes
  • Allow users to create any layout they choose (and in doing so, provide alternatives to the sidebar-content-sidebar paradigm)
  • Allow content and widgets to be assigned positions and managed visually
  • Optimize theme memory footprint and provide automatic cross-browser compatibility

What follows is a justification for the creation of a WYSIWYG theme generator and editor and an outline of its potential implementation in the form of deliverables. I would be happy to discuss any questions and appreciate any feedback you have. Thank you for your time!